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Are you proud of your gifts? Or does the idea of letting others know make you want to run and hide?

Do your experiences with Spirit make you feel like you’re crazy?

In this video I cover:

  • different scenarios you may be experiencing with Spirit
  • how it makes you feel and the effect it has upon your life
  • what you can do about it!

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Are You Supported?

How do your experiences with Spirit effect your personal relationships? Here I talk about:

  • Are you supported by your spouse or partner?
  • Are you heard? Well-received?
  • Humiliated and patronized?


Not feeling OK sharing your gifts leads to isolation. Believe in yourself. Find your tribe!

Life Before Spirit

What was life like for you before Spirit came to you? Learn how to adjust!

Mediumship & Motherhood

Own your awakening while maintaining your family!

Shifting Family Dynamic

Life will never be the same, so now what? Watch and find out!


When we resist, we don’t grow and we shut down parts of us. Learn how to NOT do that!

Anxiety & Awakening

Does anxiety prevent you from working with your gift?

Facing Changes with your New Normal

Spirit has entered your life. Kiss your old life good-bye! You have a new normal now! Here’s how to Embrace it!

Imagination or Spirit Communication?

Can you tell the difference between what is your imagination and what is a legit sign from Spirit? If not, watch this!

The Fool’s Journey

I look at the Fool’s Journey in the tarot deck and how it relates to our Spiritual Awakening.

Death, The Devil & Your Awakening

I look at the Death and The Devil cards in the tarot deck and explain how it relates to your Master Your Awakening



Spirit entering our lives may cause distractions from our daily life and routine resulting in chaos! Is this you?

Claiming Empathic Energy

Do you pick up other people’s energies? This is a must watch.

Are you in the Spirit Closet?

Come out and be proud! Spirit is choosing YOU!