How I Serve

Back by popular demand, I am again offering Intuitive Tarot Readings.  Tarot readings are great road maps for getting un-stuck from a situation in any area of your life.
45 minutes
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My guides have made it clear: “You’re a Reiki Master, put it on your menu.”  OK then… Reiki is great for relieving stress, anxiety and bringing you back to balance.
45 minutes
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We will connect to your loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit realm.  Messages of love bring beautiful closure and relief to all involved. 
45 minutes
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These combo sessions are great for relaxation and healthy energy flow as we connect to the Spirit realm. The first 30 minutes is a Reiki session followed by a 20 minute psychic medium reading.
50 minutes
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Soul Sessions can be the start of a profound healing journey.  These personalized individual sessions are meant to help you:

    • Become empowered and discover how to be your best self
    • To gain clarity on your life path and know which direction you are meant to be heading
    • Identify healing blocks and learn strategies to overcome them
    • Learn which loving energies and guides to call upon in your life for gratitude and guidance.
    • Get “un-stuck” and get to living the life you want.

These one hour sessions access all of my healing modalities. My Spirit Team and yours will guide me as to how you are best served.

Sometimes, one Soul Session is enough and may be all that you need.  However,  I understand that some are ready to take a more decisive action in improving their lives and spiritual healing.  In response to this, I am now offering packages of 5 one hour Soul Sessions to be used within a 13 month period. These come with a recommended schedule.

The choice is yours.  What works best for you? Naturally, I am here to help you make the best decision for your highest good and better.  You are not alone on this journey!

1 Soul Session:  $185

Package of 5:   $800

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Spiritual Development Teachings 

These hands on, personalized, and interactive courses are meant to awaken and sharpen all of the intuitive abilities you have within you. The tools learned in these courses will be able to sustain you for a lifetime.

On all levels,  deep meditation work and personal discovery flourish as you begin to see how your own path takes shape. I am with you, holding your hand the whole way through until you’re ready to ride this bike on your own!

Level 1: The Seeker. $1111.00

The Seeker level is for anyone who wants to learn more about their OWN spiritual path.  It is not a one size fits all journey.  This level creates a strong foundation for someone who feels a pull toward something “different”.

Some things the Seeker learns over a course of 2 consecutive months:

    • The best meditation practice for you
    • Energy Hygiene and why it is important
    • The Chakras and their connection to spiritual and personal development
    • The role of the elements, gratitude and intention in our development
    • Create a powerful and personalized ritual for development
    • Intuition and psychic development


    • 1 Introductory 90 minute meeting
    • 5 subsequent meetings
    • 2 month time frame
    • Interim email and/or video support for any questions
Level 2: Discovery. $1444.00

The Discovery level is a more advanced level for those needing more control over or to make sense out of their own intuitive abilities and experiences.  Our experiences are very personal and we work together to see how it all fits into your life.

Some things learned in Discovery over the course of 3 consecutive months:

    • Learning energy and intuitive readings
    • Connecting with Spirit
    • Tarot & Oracle card readings
    • Meeting your spirit guides
    • Psychometry
    • Intuition and psychic development


    • 8 sixty minute meetings
    • 3 month time frame
    • Interim email and/or video support for any questions
Level 3: The Chariot. $2200.00

You’ve gone through the long haul!  You are ready to have a Consultant, a Counselor and a Cheerleader all wrapped up in one as you walk the Path.  As your mentor, I will be all of these for you.  I can’t wait to see you SHINE!

We will meet once a month for 6 consecutive months.  These informal meetings will be 2 hours long.  Interim support available, of course.  At the end of 6 months we re-assess and re-direct.  Extensions available.  We will have to wait and see!

Please book a FREE call with Julie to determine which level is right for you!

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 ~All sessions are done remotely on the phone or via ZOOM ~