* All sessions are remote on ZOOM or over the phone *
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Shamanic Energy Healing
Guided by her compassionate spirit guides and ancestors, Julie acts as the hollow bone for divine healing, love and light to move through.  She works with her spirit team who bring you what you need, specifically for you, to begin YOUR healing journey and live a life with more clarity and a greater sense of purpose.

Julie is committed to bringing out the magnificence and beauty of every individual in a way that they can feel and see! Start living your healthy life with purpose, on purpose.

It is highly recommended that at least one follow up appointment is made within 10-14 days of the initial healing session. Julie will call you and check in to see how you are feeling and any questions you may have.

Initial appointment: 2 hours $220
Follow up: 1 hour $80

Intuitive Psychic Guidance
This is an in-depth, intuitively guided session combined with Julie’s psychic mediumistic insight.  We will talk about and explore deeply the areas of your life where you are at a crossroads, need clarity or just feel “stuck”. 

These sessions are very helpful when used as part of your developing healing toolbox in creating the life you want for yourself.  They offer unique insight and guidance for your own self-empowerment.  You’ll find that utilizing the bundle offer and planning one of these sessions every few months can be instrumental in helping you to reach your goals.

*This is not a strictly mediumship reading
60 minutes: $185
Bundle of 3: $500

Soul Sessions
These sessions are deeply moving and healing in nature.  It combines all of Julie’s energy healing modalities including, but not limited to, psychic mediumship, shamanic energy healing, reiki and any other guidance Julie receives for you during this session.

Soul sessions are often like peeling an onion layer off of ourselves. With each layer exposed, we learn more about ourselves, our healing, and our purpose. This is why a bundle of 3 sessions are offered at a discounted price. It is recommended one session every couple of months.

60 minutes: $185
Bundle of 3: $500

Tarot Readings
Julie’s Tarot expertise offers a lively and spirited reading to help you navigate through the ups and downs in all aspects of life. The cards cannot lie! In fact, they very often prove to be a valuable tool for personal insight and growth. (Individual and group instruction also available. Inquire here!)

45 minutes: $150

Harnessing Your Intuition
Spiritual Development

Are you experiencing newly discovered sensations or experiences that you can’t explain? Are you hearing or seeing things that others are not? Do you frequently see the same number sequences or similar license plate “messages”? Or, maybe you’ve been experiencing these things for a long time and want to make sense of it all or create a purpose around it.

It’s OK! You’re OK! Your intuitive abilities may very well be signaling for you to pay attention. If you want to learn the tools necessary for harnessing these newly recognized abilities (that we all have!) and walk a responsible, spiritual path with meaning, book a call with Julie to discuss your options. Call Julie.

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Cancellation Policies
All individual sessions must be paid in full upon booking and cancelled within 24 hours for a refund.  All classes must be paid in full at time of registration and all class cancellations must be made 10 days prior to class start date to receive refund.

I’ve had privilege of working with many mediums, shamans & channelers in my lifetime with varying results. It’s so hard to know who to trust! From my first reading with Julie I knew she was the real deal. Beyond having enormous integrity, honesty and compassion, she goes the extra mile to channel very personal and predictive information. (Petra, Portland, OR)

Amazing.  (Antonio, Los Angeles, CA)

We were all captivated by Julie and all of her incredible gifts tonight!! What an amazing evening of wisdom, stories, and messages.   Julie Humphreys you are truly a light of love! So much gratitude for our community and for opportunities like tonight to fill our WELL! (Wendy, Exeter, NH)

Life changing. (Nicolle, Stratham, NH)