The Wheel of the Year is turning!

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Intuitive Guidance & Healing Sessions

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Psychic Medium, I follow the instructions from my Compassionate Spirit Guides for YOUR journey specifically.  These readings extend to you a close, personalized session addressing your questions, concerns, and curiosities about what lies within and what lies ahead.  We will go deep! Bring your questions, an open mind and willingness to surrender. 

Quarterly Bundle, Intuitive Guidance and Healing

These four (4) sessions are meant to be built upon every quarter (3 months) to help you gain deeper insight and understanding into your life’s purpose and trajectory.  These sessions remind you that you are in the Driver Seat of your Life! Which road will you choose? Let’s go for a ride! These sessions can be used for spiritual, business or personal life endeavors.

Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing helps you re-connect and re-member who you are on a cellular level.  Our Ancestors believed that if you’re not feeling “right” in your physical body, then the “Light” energetic body needs tending to. This full mind, body and soul experience brings you back to living authentically and joyfully. 

Julie works with her Compassionate Spirit Guides and Power Animals to help bring you back to whom you are meant to be and to feel re-aligned.  Julie offers healing Journeys to meet with your Power Animal and Spirit Guides; Ancestral Healings; Soul Retrievals;  Extraction, Healing & Alignment; Shamanic Psychopomp and other Spiritual Light Shamanic Healings. 

Within 2 weeks of your Shamanic Healing experience, Julie connects with you to check in and see how you are integrating and assimilating.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and Oracle Card readings are an ancient way of divining possible solutions to a current situation.  These lively and spirited sessions are always informative, thought provoking and reinforce the saying, “You just can’t make this sh*t up!” These readings are a very practical tool often used for personal and professional inquiries. Julie’s unique intuitive approach to reading the Tarot will provide clarity for your personal or professional endeavors.

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Thank you for trusting me.

I’ve had privilege of working with many mediums, shamans & channelers in my lifetime with varying results. It’s so hard to know who to trust! From my first reading with Julie I knew she was the real deal. Beyond having enormous integrity, honesty and compassion, she goes the extra mile to channel very personal and predictive information. (Petra, Portland, OR)

Amazing.  (Antonio, Los Angeles, CA)

We were all captivated by Julie and all of her incredible gifts tonight!! What an amazing evening of wisdom, stories, and messages.   Julie Humphreys you are truly a light of love! So much gratitude for our community and for opportunities like tonight to fill our WELL! (Wendy, Exeter, NH)

Life changing. (Nicolle, Stratham, NH)


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