Sacred Travel

My first spiritual sojourn was to Scotland in 2013. I had been searching for many years at that point for a pilgrimage that spoke to me, that jumped out at me. When I saw my mentor and teacher was offering a “Scottish Odyssey” I knew I had found the one. It was my first time away from my little kids, and my son thankfully took his first steps the day before I left. That trip not only brought me “home” but it sparked a fire and knowing that this was only the beginning in my spiritual development.

I have traveled a good bit since then, but had not experienced the kind of spiritual awakening as I had in Scotland. That is not until I I started getting another nudge from Spirit that the time was coming up again. Fast forward 6 years and I found myself in India, forming a new Soul Family like I’ve never experienced.

India is a journey that will take the rest of my life to describe. All I know is that I left that beautiful country a changed woman.

As my mentor wisely said, “you don’t move through India, India moves through you..”

Old Delhi