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I’m offering a limited number of Intuitive Guidance & Healing Sessions this month.


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What is an Intuitive Guidance & Healing Session?

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Psychic Medium, I follow the instructions from my Compassionate Spirit Guides for YOUR journey specifically.  These readings extend to you a close, personalized session addressing your questions, concerns, and curiosities about what lies within and what lies ahead.  We will go deep! Bring your questions, an open mind and willingness to surrender.  Thank you for trusting me!

I can’t recommend Julie enough.  She is extraordinary in her abilities and intuitive nature, and her generous heart is embedded in the service she provides.  She is responsive and professional and clearly invested in sharing her gifts, giving an honest, personal, and meaningful reading to anyone fortunate enough to receive a service from her. (Kris, Brooklyn, NY)

I had a Soul Reading with Julie and it was nothing short of life-changing! I laughed, I cried, I gasped! … My reading with Julie was self-care and healing at it’s best. I can’t recommend it enough. (AK, Durham, NH).

I’m so thankful that I did the reading and really took the time to absorb what the cards were telling me. Julie is a consummate professional with a kind smile and big heart. She’s easy to sit with … I’d recommend her to anyone that wanted to have their cards read.  (Alyssa, Merrick, NY)

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