About Me

So this is me!  For as long as I can remember I’ve held a curiosity and love for all things esoteric & “un-explainable.” Growing up next to a cemetery surrounded by woods definitely fueled that fire. As a child, I wandered through those sacred places often, with what I now recognize as Spirit.  It was always very comforting to me.

Throughout my life, I have instinctively turned to tarot readers, mediums, shamanic practitioners, and other healers and light-workers for insight and guidance to help me along my life path.   These healers & guides have helped me re-align with my authentic self whenever I felt lost or stuck or just plain confused!  They have empowered me to create my own beautiful narrative and walk in my TRUTH.

Now I am here to pay it forward.  I am grateful for everyday that I can share my abilities with someone and  help them along THEIR journey of healing, empowerment and purpose. I use psychic mediumship as my primary healing modality and also draw from my rich toolbox of cartomancy, shamanic healing techniques, energy work and reiki, teaching, divinely inspired writing and herbalism.  It’s my  goal to help people realize their own magnificence and shine their light out into the world.

I work to bring forward only the best of intentions for your highest good and mine in love, light and humor.  Laughter is the best medicine!

So, whether you have found me intentionally or indirectly, welcome!  What will YOU do to empower yourself and your life path?  I am honored to hear your story and guide you. ♥